Christmas Songs I Hate…

I covered this on the old blog once, but since that is history, I thought I’d revisit this topic. Generally, I like holiday music, but there are several songs I cannot stand. Here goes:

‘Happy Holidays’ – Andy Williams

This songs tries so hard to be hip. Ugh. ‘…and don’t forget to hang up a sock.’
F**king hipsters. That’s all I have to say about this song.

‘Santa Baby’ – Eartha Kitt

Ugh. I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke Santa.
Could this woman be more greedy? A platinum mine? Ugh.

‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ – anybody

Ah, the date-rape anthem.

Happy holidays everybody.

I’ve All But Given Up On Photography…

What happened? I was hitting events about every week, shooting photos (albeit not all worth writing home about) and putting them all over Facebook. But somewhere along the way, I burnt myself out. The reasons are two-fold, I think.

  1. I got bored/frustrated with the subject matter. Events are a tough job. The subjects are always moving and you have to capture what you can or it’s gone forever. You don’t get do-overs. Also, you have to be aware of the crowd. You don’t want to ruin their experience while trying to capture the event. It’s tough and a lot of the time, the results (for me) are pretty lackluster.
  2. I didn’t improve. I still haven’t mastered the exposure triangle. I’m terrible at lighting. I rely far too heavily on the auto settings of my camera. I signed up for classes at Creve Coeur Camera, but have failed to actually go.

I think I can fix this. We’ll see.

I’m Back…


The site is up again. It may not seem like it went down, but I had a real hassle with GoDaddy and finally just had to dump them for hosting. I think they are fine for other services. I was just not happy with their hosting. So I’m at Bluehost now. Unfortunately, I lost all the comments from the last relaunch. Sorry.

Also, I plan to post more. I have to make the effort. I fancy myself a writer, so I need to write, right? Sigh.

Welcome back Boxy too, my blog mascot (drawn above).