Doing Things Differently

So, as part of the changes coming to Patrick Says, one change is that I will no longer steal images off the Interwebz for my posts. I will either provide my own illustrations or use public domain art. The only exception to this will be when I share something from Amazon because Amazon loves it when you peddle their shit.

The other exception might be if I’m referencing something very specific and then I will link back to the owner’s page. For example, I’ll be posting later about the double-decker taco from Taco Bell, so I will give them some link love. If any owner (including the Bell) comes to me with a gripe, I’ll happily remove their art.

First Post…

So, before I was an amateur photographer (and barely that), I was a wannabe writer. And while I didn’t write any novels or manuscripts, I blogged a lot. For reasons I can’t disclose, it was recommended I take the blog down. Which is a shame, because I had over 1,000 posts and thousands of comments. It was a great experience feeling like I was talking to people.

Which brings us to today. I need to write again. I need an outlet even if nobody reads it. (Does anybody still read blogs anymore?) So, I’m resurrecting this site again.