Bluehost Is Not Impressing Me…

Awhile back, I switched from GoDaddy hosting to Bluehost. Bluehost touts itself as the best WordPress hosting site. Thus far, I have been unimpressed. GoDaddy had it’s problems. The site was frequently slow and sometimes would not load at all. I’d call and they’d fix it and it’d be good for a couple weeks. Then the problems would resurface. I’d had enough and switched.

I’ve been using WordPress’s Jetpack tools. One of these tools is an email service that lets you know when your site is down and when it comes back up. Now, at least once and many times twice, I get emails stating is down and then, ten minutes later, it’s back up. Really annoying.

Christmas Songs I Hate…

I covered this on the old blog once, but since that is history, I thought I’d revisit this topic. Generally, I like holiday music, but there are several songs I cannot stand. Here goes:

‘Happy Holidays’ – Andy Williams

This songs tries so hard to be hip. Ugh. ‘…and don’t forget to hang up a sock.’
F**king hipsters. That’s all I have to say about this song.

‘Santa Baby’ – Eartha Kitt

Ugh. I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke Santa.
Could this woman be more greedy? A platinum mine? Ugh.

‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ – anybody

Ah, the date-rape anthem.

Happy holidays everybody.

I’ve All But Given Up On Photography…

What happened? I was hitting events about every week, shooting photos (albeit not all worth writing home about) and putting them all over Facebook. But somewhere along the way, I burnt myself out. The reasons are two-fold, I think.

  1. I got bored/frustrated with the subject matter. Events are a tough job. The subjects are always moving and you have to capture what you can or it’s gone forever. You don’t get do-overs. Also, you have to be aware of the crowd. You don’t want to ruin their experience while trying to capture the event. It’s tough and a lot of the time, the results (for me) are pretty lackluster.
  2. I didn’t improve. I still haven’t mastered the exposure triangle. I’m terrible at lighting. I rely far too heavily on the auto settings of my camera. I signed up for classes at Creve Coeur Camera, but have failed to actually go.

I think I can fix this. We’ll see.

I’m Back…


The site is up again. It may not seem like it went down, but I had a real hassle with GoDaddy and finally just had to dump them for hosting. I think they are fine for other services. I was just not happy with their hosting. So I’m at Bluehost now. Unfortunately, I lost all the comments from the last relaunch. Sorry.

Also, I plan to post more. I have to make the effort. I fancy myself a writer, so I need to write, right? Sigh.

Welcome back Boxy too, my blog mascot (drawn above).